The 5 Best Books to Read When Starting a Business

Do you have what it takes to turn a promising business opportunity into a successful company? Having an interest in being an independent entrepreneur is a good start, but it’s important to learn the basics of building a business before you invest your money in a franchise opportunity or your own start-up. Adding the popular books below to your professional library can help you get the skills you need to run a profitable business in today’s tough economy.

“The Entrepreneur’s Manual”
From sales strategies to market analysis, Richard M. White’s “The Entrepreneur’s Manual” covers everything you need to know about running your business and maximizing profits. First published back in 1977, this timeless book is still widely recommended as a must-have guide for all new entrepreneurs. Besides going over principles for beginners, “The Entrepreneur’s Manual” includes advanced techniques for helping your business reach its highest potential in the future.

“Good Luck: Creating the Conditions for Success in Life and Business”
Alex Rovira’s easy-to-read book isn’t a technical manual, but it’s still a valuable addition to any entrepreneur’s book collection. “Good Luck: Creating the Conditions for Success in Life and Business” focuses on maintaining a positive attitude and taking advantage of any business opportunity that can change your life for the better. Using inspirational quotes and stories, Rovira shows how you can overcome obstacles and learn to create your own luck.

“The Portable MBA in Entrepreneurship”
Based on MBA programs from the country’s best business schools, William D. Bygrave’s “The Portable MBA in Entrepreneurship” teaches entrepreneurs how to recognize and grow new business opportunities in any economy. Pick up your own copy for expert lessons that range from choosing the best franchise opportunity to writing a great business plan and doing taxes. This complete book comes with special access to free online resources that include study guides, presentations, forms and videos.

“The Business Planning Guide”
“The Business Planning Guide” by David H. Bangs is helpful for understanding the beginning stages of starting a business. The simple guidebook takes you through the first steps you need to take to turn your ideas into reality. Use it to learn how to write a business plan from scratch and finance your start-up or franchise opportunity. With detailed tips on how to give presentations to potential investors, this book is also useful for entrepreneurs who are looking for venture or angel capital.

“Start, Run & Grow a Successful Small Business
This well-organized guide from the experts at Toolkit Media Group covers every topic you need to know to start and run a small business. Keep it on hand as a reference for help with laws and regulations, budget-friendly marketing, managing employees and more. Business plan examples, checklists and updated statistics are included to help you get started with creating your business today.